Quadrotor helicopters are often used as aerial drones.  Our lab has a Parrot Drone for experiments (pictured to the right).Their control systems are an interesting problem, since they are open-loop stable and wind disturbances can be severe.  Advanced control systems allow better adaptation to unknown payloads, allow flying in greater wind speeds, and allow greater flight time than conventional controls. 


In the experiment pictured to the left, we added an unknown payload at one of the rotors and the quadrotor had to instantly adapt.  We used the Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller, with a novel robust modification that ensured no overlearning occurred.  The result was published in Mechatronics.


Some of the group's publications on quadrotors are linked to below.  Note that our Mechatronics paper is one of the top hits on Google Scholar when one searches "adaptive control quadrotor."

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