Chris is interested in controlling biological wastewater treatment plants, waste-incinerators for power generation, organic Rankine cycles (for turning waste-heat into electricity), and wind turbines.

Research into biological wastewater treatment control was funded by the City of Calgary and Mitacs internships.

Research into organic Rankine cycle control was funded by local industry with a matching NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Grant.

Here are links to some of the group's publications in process control applied to green technologies.

Macnab Publications Samiuddin, J., B. Badkoubeh, M. Sadeghassadi, J.K. Pieper, and C. J.B. Macnab.  A new robust weight update for cerebellar model articulation controller adaptive control with application to transcritical organic rankine cycles.
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Sadeghassadi, M., D. Westwick, and C.J.B Macnab. Setpoint control for reacting to wastewater influent in BSM1.
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Sadeghassadi, M., C. J. B. Macnab, and D. Westwick.  Design of a generalized predictive controller for a biological wastewater treatment plant.
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