Please email Chris to inquire about graduate studies.

University of Calgary requirements

Canadian and American graduates require a minimum 3/4 GPA during the last two undergraduate years or 20 courses, whichever is greater. International students click here for GPA requirements and click here for English language requirements

Desired qualifications

To work in Chris's group the student should have a degree in Electrical, Mechanical, or Aerospace Engineering (or equivalent).  A specialization in Control Systems is preferred. The student should have received high marks in their mathematics and control systems courses throughout their studies.  Hands-on experience programming and/or building robotic or mechatronic systems is an asset. Chris is especially recruiting for students to work on a surgical robot for the space station, so any relevant experience will be appreciated.  PhD applicants should have one (accepted) journal paper.  (Students with an MSc but without a journal paper may be accepted as an MSc student if they are willing to do another MSc).  Students with a full scholarship will normally be accepted.  Engineers working in Calgary who want to pursue part-time studies should come and talk with Chris in person, and may be asked to take one of Chris's graduate level courses as an open-studies student first before being accepted. 

Financial support

Note that full-time graduate students cannot be admitted to the department without financial support.   Full-time students without scholarship support who are accepted by Chris will receive a stipend of more than $21K per year.   Engineers working in Calgary industry may pursue part-time studies without a stipend.


Interested students should email Chris in the summer or fall.  If Chris invites the student to apply, the application deadline is Jan. 31.  Chris will make decisions by the end of March on who he will accept to start studies in Sept. 

Start your application

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